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Terra by ArcNine Terra by ArcNine
Terra the Coyote.
I'm not at my scanner right now, so this will have to do.

Terra is a very powerful coyote of unknown origin.
She believes she came from an alternate dimension comprised of emotions, but that may not be the case (though the dimension [Alt] does exist).
The rusty knife (yes, it's a knife) she carries has been with her ever since she was young, but even she doesn't know how she got it.
Much her life is a mystery, and more of it is a tragedy, but what she knows now is that the world is corrupt and must be handled properly.
At once, she believed she was meant to save the world, but she found out that the world cannot be saved, for it is far too deep in filth.
That's not to say that she doesn't try to help.

She's generally downcast, and her goals are unknown.
She takes things seriously, but as her life goes on, she discovers that not everything is evil.
As a matter of fact, she has performed acts of kindness, though few and far between.
She has had a hard life, but perhaps things will change for the better.
Maybe not.

After all, I'm not done coming up with the story.
AlloyRabbit Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
ahh, here's the finished one owo

i can't believe nobody else has commented on it in all this time >.>;;

that shading looks really smooth. i don't know how you got such a clean gradient with a pencil, but keep...being able to. or something -w-

i like the singed look around the edges of her pants. nice touch =P

i guess my only complaint would be that the smoothness of the gradient looks a bit odd on stuff that's supposed to look tattered and rough and worn XD;

ah well, nice job anyway ^^
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